About mass stabilization

Mass Stabilization International B.V. realizes mass stabilisation projects within the constraints of a client.

Mass stabilisation

With mass stabilization, or soil improvement, we strengthen soft surfaces by adding organic substances. So the soil is suitable for the required application. This is possible on soils as peat, sagging clay, loam and dredged material.


Mass stabilisation makes the construction of roads, bike paths, rail lines and pipelines easier. But she is also extremely suitable for site preparation of land intended for ports, industrial land or residential areas. Soil erosion can also be countered very well with this method. Looking forward to more applications? Please contact us.


With mass stabilisation is existing land uses. That makes the excavation and applying new raw unnecessary. In practice, this means a huge reduction of transport movements and so also reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, natural resources as much as possible. Mass stabilisation therefore fits perfectly in the cradle-to-cradle thought.

Applied worldwide

Mass stabilisation is used worldwide, including America, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Ireland, Scandinavia and various countries in Eastern Europe.

 Why stabilize?

Cost savings is one of the great advantages of stabilize. At road construction projects is often earth moving. This is then often unusable because he no longer has binding force or wear. Disposal and landfill of this ground, just like the supply of new, costs a lot of money. In addition, there are environmental standards for dumping excess soil. This means even more costs. Who ground through mass stabilization makes usable again, saving a lot of money.

Opportunities in the Benelux

Especially in the Benelux and Germany will soon become better known mass stabilization. But also in other European countries, there are many opportunities. Through this process, is not only used a solid and innovative technology; It also delivers cost savings on. In many cases it is a hefty reduction in comparison with the prices of current applied technologies.  Know more?

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